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Susie's success story

Susie's about 9 years old and came along to her first session at TTBoA on Friday, with her mum and a friend. She'd never played table tennis before, although is a keen tennis player.

At first she couldn't serve properly and could hardly hit the ball over the net. We gave her a little bit of help and advice and she soon picked up the hang of serving.

Within about 20 minutes she was serving properly and with her friend had managed a rally of 3 shots. This soon increased to 6, then 10, then 20 finishing with a 'record' 30, which was amazing.

All 3 of them played solidly for over an hour and Susie was playing really well by the end of the evening, hitting the ball confidently and quite hard at times. She'd progressed from a complete beginner in a very short space of time.

So, if you'd like to come along and join us but are feeling a little bit unsure, don't worry, just think of Susie's story of achievement. We'll help and encourage you to become a better player and are sure you'll have a load of fun into the bargain.

(Susie is not her real name, we've changed it to preserve anonymity).